Training is the basic millstone of any organization path to success .Human resources at any level require a proper training which suits their assigned duties and responsibilities .In addition ;training shall serve as a tool to convey the organizationspolices , its values and futuristic vision .

Training can be achieved in two methods – in house and advanced institutional training . The in-housetraining is managed by the organization its self by providing a full time trainers and facilities to deliver the organization core competence to its employees in both aspects – technical and Managerial .

Institutionalized training can be both in-house in which a professional trainer shall be contracted to provide the training desired by the organization beyond its core competence or by assigning various employees to undertake a specific training course within their areas of competence in which an advanced knowledge shall be presented which enable them to achieve higher performance .

Our professionaltraining courses are designed and tailored to suit a specific group of trainees to provide an in-depth knowledge of a specific area of competence to qualify them to achieve a higher state of performance .

Our training material is being scripted based on the top elite researchers internationally recognized worldwide of their values and contribution of a given subject . In addition ; we also offer various certified courses via an international recognized academic or technical institutions to bring along a profound understanding and in-depth analysis of a given topics which provide the course attendance with an added value to their career objectives and boost their qualifications .

A Leaflet of each course outline shall be in PDF file for clients to select from .

Human Resources Training courses
  • Employees Appraisals - from beginner to advanced.
  • Human Resources - general, specific aspects and legislation
  • Interviewing Techniques
  • Training for Recruitment Consultants - Search and Selection and Headhunting
  • Train the Trainer
  • Workplace Enhancement
Business Management Training courses
  • Customer Relationship/Service - all levels from beginner to advanced
  • Asset Management
  • Becoming a Strategic Manager
  • Leadership
  • Development of Business Management
  • Management Tools
  • Mind Mapping
  • Project Management
  • Sales Training, Beginner, Intermediateand Advanced
  • Performance Management
  • Introducing Sustainability
  • Transportation in Green Economy
  • Market research on sustainable development practices
Quality Management Systems Training Coerces
  • Total Quality Management (TQM)
  • ISO 9000 – Fundamental of Quality Management System
  • ISO 9000 – Documentation & Internal Auditing
  • EFQM (Fundamental Of Excellence Model )
  • Evaluation of EFQM Strategy ( RADAR )

All courses have an accredited industry recognised award when successfully completed.