Market Research & Surveys

In order to ensure staff and customer satisfaction and to allow organisations to grow through their staff and existing customers it is vital to conduct regular staff and client surveys. This information will allow the company to form its strategic plan to increase profit and return of investment

Staff Engagement Survey

\"No organization, large or small can win over the long run without energized employees who believe in its mission and understand how to achieve it.\"

ROC Human Resources have the resources, tools, skills and knowledge to conduct your Employee Engagement process to ensure your company productivity increases.

Engaged People...

  • are more productive, have less absenteeism, and provide better customer service
  • form an emotional connection with the company
  • feel valued and involved in the company
  • increase employees\' trust in the organization


Contact xxx for further information on how we can conduct your Employee Engagement Survey (EES) and find the correct path to optimise your management in order to maximise your employees\' potential.

A company with Engaged Employees will give you the competitive edge required in today\'s economic environment.

Customer Engagement Survey

All survey use the most up to date techniques to ensure that a true and accurate analysis of the results can be reported.

Customer Service

What is Customer Service?

Customer Service is the provision of service to customers, before , during and after a service/sale

Reasons for Customer Service

Integrating Customer Feedback into Business Strategies to increase Profit, Efficiency and Return of Investment - every company regardless of size or if government entity or private organization must use customer service surveys to allow for improvement and growth.

Why is Customer Service Important?
  • It tells you what your customers want and need
  • It enables you to understand your customers
  • It allows you to tailor your products and services to your customers\' specific needs and wants
How do you Obtain Customer Information?
  • CRM Systems CRM is Customer Relationship Management, software applications that enable you to log details, meetings and dialogue with your customers to stay up to date
  • Customer Feedback
  • Word of Mouth
What do you do with this Information?

Collect the data

Analyze the data