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About Us

Since our foundation in 1994 ROC Human Resources and Consulting has been committed by a shared vision to provide our clients with state of the art services designed to enhance their business and increase return on investment.

We Step Up


Our team are result oriented and driven to achieve the required deliverables and will work consistently to ensure that our contractual agreement is fulfilled. We are never satisfied in just producing the agreed deliverable it is our commitment to always far exceed the expected service.

All the time


Our team are specialists in their field of expertise which allows them to provide a specific service or service package. The initial evaluation of the service required and an assessment on how it best suits our client’s needs will enable them to design the desired deliverable and assign the expert team to align with our client’s expectations.



Through our team of expert consultants we ensure that we focus on client satisfaction and agreed deliverables within defined time scales. Our consultants take the time to ensure they understand the clients’ values and ethics in order to design a comprehensive package which satisfies the clients’ requirements.

offering exceptional


We are committed to ensuring that we understand our clients objectives and requirements We pride ourselves that we consistently deliver a service which is second to none, extends beyond our contractual agreement and exceeds our client’s expatiations. All of our services and products can be delivered in English or Arabic depending on the individual requirement of each client.

Highest Priority


More than 60% of our business comes from repeat business or client referrals.



We design our clients’ service in a bespoke way which ensures that we provide the correct solution which enhances our client’s business and achieves a successful outcome. Whatever our client’s needs and whichever of our services are utilised it is our intention to build a long relationship which is based on consistently improving our client’s business from a financial, ethical and socially responsible platform.

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