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ROC Services

ROC Human Resources offers market-leading levels of service however, far from being content we constantly strive to improve both our recruitment methods and levels of client satisfaction.

ROC Human Resources approaches every staffing requirement in a bespoke manner.

  • Ensure Technical Skills are understood
  • Understand KPI’s
  • Understand the culture, ethos and best practice for each client
  • Work and communication with in-house HR department and line management
  • Evaluate, short list and present a maximum of three candidates for each job

Recruitment Methods


  • Over 20,000 candidates
  • Regularly updated

Executive Search

  • Search for Candidates via advertising, word of mouth and social media.
  • Search both local and international candidates
  • Interview and pre-qualify
  • Check experience and qualifications are genuine
  • Thoroughly check experience, ethos and personality match the client
  • Provide interview report on short listed candidates
  • Organise COMPENTANCY BASED client interviews and make successful job offers

Recruitment Tours/Video Interviews

  • Organise either personal or video interviews locally or internationally
  • Attend as required client interviews

Video Conferencing

A cost effective and reliable method of recruiting overseas professionals without the client having to travel outside their country.


Whether client driven or proactive, ROC Human Resources utilises local, national and international media channels to reach the ideal target market.

New Media Channels

Constant development of our own web site and partnerships with Internet based medical portals allows ROC Human Resources to reach a global audience of professionals.

Search & Selection

We possess the experience to search the international job market to provide clients with a comprehensive list of applicants who are seriously interested in working in either the United Kingdom or overseas. Each candidate’s skills and personality are thoroughly assessed and matched to the client’s position criteria.


All applicants are initially interviewed by one of our qualified recruitment consultants to determine suitability, experience and commitment. All foreign candidates are tested for their level of oral and written English. With domestic candidates, applying for European and US assignments, their fluency in other languages is also certified and tested. This process saves time as the client only meets with those applicants that have the relevant qualifications, experience and skills needed for the job.

Custom Built Recruitment Strategies

  • Design a comprehensive recruitment model
  • Ensure return of investment for recruitment campaign
  • Build a strategy to increase quantity, quality and retention


  • Build a pipeline of candidates for on-going recruitment needs
  • Understand why/when and how candidates would make a move
  • Ensure the pipeline covers roles from management level downwards
  • Interview all candidates in pipeline
  • Prepare full report on candidate interest/availability

Outsourcing your Recruitment Needs

Ongoing staffing needs are a priority whether you are either a mature corporation or a new venture. The key to successful recruitment is to employ talent and develop skills. If you are interested in ensuring that this high priority HR function is expertly implemented you can outsource your recruitment needs to us for a fraction of the cost of employing a person in-house. Fees and services would vary depending on the needs of your organisation but could include the following:

  • Customised recruitment strategies and methodology flow charts to assist strategy building to suit your industry.
  • Advice on advertising campaigns and services.
  • On-site assistance from resume screening to interviewing techniques.
  • Customised traditional/behavioral interview questions.
  • Psychometric/Aptitude testing.
  • Needs analysis of recruitment systems.