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A Partnership Approach

Our Client focused approach ensures that our team of Recruitment Consultants gain a detailed understanding of our Clients’ specific objectives, enabling us to provide a uniquely tailored solution, not an ‘off the shelf” package.

Working in partnership with our Clients we actively promote the highest standards of ethics and excellence.

Contingency Recruitment…

ROC Human Resources work closely with their Clients to ensure they understand their organisation and working culture, infrastructure and objectives, and their specific requirements. After an initial onsite visit with the recruiter, (wherever possible), we will also meet with line managers who can provide us with any additional information.

Job descriptions or briefs will be taken for each individual vacancy, if necessary from the existing job description or developed with the recruiter.

Information required:

  • Title
  • Reporting lines
  • Job function
  • Core competencies
  • Technical ability
  • Previous experience
  • Educational background
  • Languages required
  • Team skills
  • Personal Specification
  • Salary guidelines
  • Benefits package
  • Work timings

After a full description of the vacancy has been taken, the Consultant will then source suitable candidates. This may take the form of a database search, personal recommendation, advertising, networking or executive search.

Our trained Recruitment Consultants will conduct an in-depth interview with each Candidate before short listing to the Client. A profile of each Candidate will support the shortlist.

Skills assessments will be given to Secretarial and Business Support staff to test their PC skills.

Written assignments can be given to Receptionists, Personal Assistants, Customer Service Co-coordinators and Sales staff. A psychometric or profiling assessment can be given upon request.