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  • July 6, 2020

Why use an interim manager?

Why use an interim manager?

Why use an interim manager? 1024 683 ROC Human Resources

An interim manager enables you to harness the skills of a highly experienced person to fulfil the needs of your organisation at a particular moment in its life.

Typically, an interim director or manager is employed for a number of different reasons

An interim manager can be used at a time of crisis to turn round a failing service or business. They may offer expertise to a challenged management team. This could mean bringing sound financial management or wise counsel to an organisation that has lost its way as well as the ability to tackle issues such as grievances, poorly managed commercial relationships, broken procurement contracts or problems with internal relationships.

Interim managers may be brought in at a time of change for an organisation. Startups, new business development, mergers/acquisitions or restructuring within a company are all productive areas for a skilled interim manager.

Equally an interim manager or director can give a company or organisation some breathing space during the recruitment of a permanent executive or a period of temporary absence of an existing executive.

Many clients who are seeking to improve or innovate take advantage of the specialist cross-sector skills interim managers offer to develop new products and services. For example, for a charity or museum thinking of developing a new revenue stream, bringing in a retail expert may be the right solution. Thinking of outsourcing your HR service? Then hiring someone who has done it before makes sense, but it™s unlikely you need them forever. Indeed in our opinion the most effective use of interim management is when it is deployed in a focused and controlled way with outcomes and timescales clearly defined and managed.

ROC Human Resources has a track record that is second to none in providing the right interim manager for the job.

We develop a really good understanding of clients’ business culture, so that we place interim managers who fit in well and make a difference from day one. We have a tried and tested methodology for matching the right executive to each assignment and this has been re-paid with exceptional loyalty from our existing interim managers and clients.

Benefits of Interim

In our view, one of the key benefits of an interim executive is the experienced, independent view he or she brings. With no history or axe to grind, a talented interim executive can boost the morale of the team and provide tangible short-term solutions or longer term strategies.  Interim executives are cost effective because they are a variable cost, not a fixed overhead. In addition they offer flexibility in terms of their availability, working hours, work location and role. The short-term nature of their contract also offers room for manoeuvre when necessary.

Professional interim executives are result orientated and used to working towards a specific goal and delivering to a deadline.  If you would like to explore how an interim executive could play a vital role in your organisation, please do call or message us

Interim vs. Consultancy

Interim/management consultants – what’s the difference?
You sometimes hear the phrase ‘interim management consultants’, but in fact these are two very different ways of helping organisations to move forward. Whether you choose interim or management consultants may depend on the specifics of your challenge, but more and more organisations are beginning to see the value of the interim approach over traditional management consultancy.

The advantages of interim

An interim manager recommends an approach, agrees this and then implements changes and solutions whilst on assignment. An interim manager is chosen for his or her practical experience and skillset and works with the existing management to add value and bring new direction. Interim managers typically work on one assignment at a time on a five day a week basis. The interim appointment is usually for a pre-determined term within a clear budget.

The management consultant model

Unlike interim, management consultants tend to recommend a number of alternatives and then leave it to the client to implement them. They are often trained in theoretical techniques and don’t have as much hands on experience as an interim manager. They are more expensive and often work on a number of projects at the same time. Advisors are more senior and are there to hold discussions and to guide an executive team but not to implement the outcomes. They generally work for a client for only a few days per month. ROC Human Resources is committed to help our clients to find skilled interim managers who can add value and deliver clear outcomes and return of investment.

How ROC Human Resources process work

When it comes to filling interim management positions, we work with you and the interim executive for the duration of the assignment. At the start we ensure there is a really clear brief about your specific deliverable outcomes. This helps us to identify the right interim manager in terms of skills and experience. We then seek out the most suitable candidate for each interim management position from our close network of experienced interim managers and our extensive database. Once we have established who is currently available, we shortlist and send you details of a maximum of three people. As well as helping to select the correct person to meet your interim management positions, Roc Human Resources also assists during the selection process with the administration, reference taking, and in providing a venue for interviews if requested. ROC Human Resources the agreement of terms and the contractual process between all parties. During the assignment we keep in regular contact with the client and the interim manager to ensure the project is on track and to make sure we can deal with any potential issues. At the end of the assignment we request feedback from you to make sure you are satisfied with the way the interim process has been handled and the performance of the interim manager.

Why choose ROC Human Resources?

ROC Human Resources has a track record second to none in providing the right interim executive for the job.  We are keen to develop a really good understanding of clients’ business cultures, so that we can find Interim Managers who fit in well, and make a difference from Day One. We have a tried and tested methodology for matching the right executive to each assignment and this has been re-paid with exceptional loyalty from our existing interim executives and clients


One of ROC Human Resources unparalleled strengths is our ability to successfully provide interim management services across a wide range of sectors. This is by no means the complete list. If you need interim management services and the sector you work in is not represented above, please do get in touch and we will be happy to share our recent experience with you.